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The Mother of all Trips

September 27th, 2010 Posted in The Mother of all Trips

Our trip comes to an end, today we flew from Seattle to Boston and tomorrow we will fly to Munich. Here are the last updates…

Total distance covered: 8058.55 miles / 12969 km   

plus 74 miles / 119,1 km during whale watching  

plus the flight from Seattle to Boston, but I don’t really count that


Longest stretch in one day: 682 miles / 1098,90km from Helena, Montana to Portland, Oregon

Highest elevation: 11320 ft / 3450 m

Lowest elevation: 0 ft / 0 m plus-minus a whale

Highest temperature: 100.4°F / 38°C

Lowest temperature: 37°F / 3°C

Time zones entered: 3

International borders crossed: 1 between the USA and Canada

img_5038.JPG img_5037.JPG img_5039.JPG

Gas filled: 341.29 gal/ 1291,93 l 

Oil Changes: 1 in Roswell, NM. Probably lasts for a trip through the universe;-)


Breakdowns: none, but the „check engine“ light is on, like always…

Meltdowns: well, one or two…

Casualties: one „big“ roadkill, looks like a couple of dragonflies, whose lives ended in the middle of you know what…


And millions of smaller collateral damage


This little guy flew solo


Wildlife sightings: elks, bisons, three eagles, a coyote, mule deer, a fox and this little critter


AND: sea lions, harbor seals and Orcas!!!

img_5259.JPG img_5336.JPG img_5347.JPG img_5349.JPGorca.jpg

And a rare species, the so called Rubber Duck, in their natural habitat, a furniture store


Most unreasonable footwear


Silliest hats worn (bought non of them!)

img_5177.JPG img_3915.JPG img_3914.JPG img_5231.JPG img_5708.JPG

Cars sold: 1


And this is the map showing the route we took (click on the map to see it in full):


And this is how it looks from outer space:


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