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Claudias West Hartford Rezepte

Juni 8th, 2009 Posted in Unser Amerika

Claudia will go back to Germany soon. So her friends decided to give her a personalized cook book with recipes we wanted her to have, which we cooked together or at least enjoyed together. On June 5th 2009 we were invited to a last *sob!* breakfast at Claudia’s. So we took the chance to give her our present. And this is how it turned out.

The cover was a cooperation of Diane, Dunia and Inken.


The collage of impressions of West Hartford is the back of the cover page and was designed by Laura (thanks again Laura, great work!) as well as the collage on the inner back page, which shows the signs of some restaurants Claudia and her family liked.

img_3101.JPG img_3188.JPG

Friends in Germany and the US were contributing to the book. Although in the end I got a little nervous about the schedule, everything went out right. And I had a fun morning together with Dunia when we glued, cut, ironed and decorated the pages from Germany (any complaints concerning chosen colors or the layout should be addressed directly to our legal department, thank you!).

Because we are (more or less) young (more or less) urban (total) professionals, there is an index of the recipes to make sure, Claudia finds what she is l(c)ooking for:

img_3205.JPG img_3204.JPG

And now the recipes follow. I added the names of the authors. So if anyone wants a copy of a recipe and can’t read it on the picture (click the pic to enlarge it!), please get in contact with the person issuing the recipe!!! I only have a few available as files, which I am happy to send to everybody who wants them. But to complete the collection, proceed as described.

Niki Rotter and Carsten Schönhoff: Sesami Wasabi Crusted Yellowfin Tuna with Asparagus (recipe available as file in English or German)

 img_3102.JPG img_3103.JPG

Marjan Rosic: Chilimalanders (Chili, a different way) – Drunken Chicken (aka Beer Can Chicken)  (recipes available as files in German)

img_3104.JPG img_3105.JPG

Katja Dunn: Pho – Vietnam’s National Soup

img_3202.JPG img_3203.JPG

Inken Schuster: Goulasch (Beef Stew Hungarian Style) – Semmelserviettenknödel (Bread Dumpling) – Marillenkuchen (Apricot Cake), (recipes available at Inken’s in German or English)

img_3106.JPG img_3107.JPG 

Azra Steurer: Gefüllte Kartoffeln mit Pfefferminze „Dum Aloo Chutney Wale“ – Filled Potatoes with Peppermint

Azra, I had to copy the front of your page after ironing and trimming it a bit. So the handwriting on the front is mine… I promise that I copied it 100% correct!

img_3108.JPG img_3109.JPG

Joan de Natale Green: Mediterranean Rice Salad – Pumpkin Bread

img_3110.JPG img_3111.JPG 

Diane Kurp: Diane’s Müsli Bircher Style

img_3112.JPG img_3113.JPG 

Susanne Hogger: Mango-Cocos-Curry with Gambas – Nutella-Birnen(Pear)-Muffins (recipes available as files in German)

img_3114.JPG img_3115.JPG

Silke Riegler: Claudia’s Philadelphia-Cream-Dip Bavarian-Style-Cheese – Rosemary Roasted Salmon (recipes available as files in English)

img_3116.JPG img_3117.JPG 

Jutta Pröstler: Spinatspätze in Weißwein-Käserahmsoße mit Champignons an Lachs Würfelchen (Spinach Spaetzle in Whitewine-Cheese-Cream Sauce with White Mushrooms and Salmon Dices)

img_3120.JPG img_3121.JPG

Petra Anis: Ground Buffalo

img_3118.JPG img_3119.JPG

Kathy Schwartz: Grilled Veggie Burgers – White Chicken Chili

img_3122.JPG img_3123.JPG

Sabine Schnitzler: Lebkuchenherzen (Ginger Bread Hearts) (recipe available as file)

img_3124.JPG img_3125.JPG

Agnes Hillmeier: Pierogi z miesem (Piroggen mit Fleischfüllung – Meat filled Pierogis) – Walnußbrownies (Walnut Brownies) (recipes available as files in German)

img_3126.JPG img_3127.JPG

Sabine Schlegl: Kartoffelsalat (Potatoe Salad) – Südfranzösische Kartoffelsuppe (Potatoe Soup from Southern France) 

img_3128.JPG img_3129.JPG

Monika Forstner: Veredelung von Kartoffeln – Kartoffelgratin (Refined Potatoes – Potatoes au gratin)

img_3130.JPG img_3133.JPG

Katrin Edwards: Lauchpfanne und Kartoffeln (Leek with Speck, creme fraiche and Potatoes) – Apple Crisp

img_3134.JPG img_3135.JPG 

Steffi Paul: Saltimbocca alla Steffi – Rosmarinkartoffeln (Rosemary Potatoes) – Tiramisu (recipes available as file)

The Tiramisu recipe is originally mine, but tested and accepted by both Steffi and Claudia and their families…

img_3139.JPG img_3140.JPG

Sabine Frank: Klare Fischsuppe (Clear Fish Soup) – French Toast

img_3137.JPG img_3138.JPG

Melanie Morgan: Melanie’s BBQ Recipe – Melanie’s Seafood Chowder

img_3141.JPG img_3142.JPG 

Dunia Fink: Dosenhuhn – Beer Can Chicken

img_3143.JPG img_3144.JPG

Candace Czajkowski: Friendship Salad

img_3145.JPG img_3147.JPG

Jeannette Bühler: Cesar Salad – Yogurette Muffins (Yogurette = Chocolate bar filled with yoghurt and strawberries, preferrably served cold from the fridge)

img_3148.JPG img_3149.JPG

Eva Rodgers: Bigos (Sauerkraut)

img_3150.JPG img_3151.JPG

Mariangela Sousa: Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Breakfast Bread)

img_3189.JPG img_3191.JPG

Carmen López Duke de Merkler: Flan de Coco

img_3156.JPG img_3157.JPG

Claudia Itzeck: Berliner Kartoffelsuppe (Potatoe Soup Berlin Style) (recipe available as file in German)

img_3152.JPG img_3153.JPG

The Team of Pho Boston Vietnamese Restaurant: Saté Dac Biét

img_3154.JPG img_3155.JPG

Natalie Eras: Maronencremesuppe (Chestnut Chowder) – Gravad Lachs (Graved Salmon) – Mormors Jul Pepparkakor (Grandma’s Christmas Gingerbread)

img_3201.JPG img_3200.JPG

Anke Gräfe: Anke’s „allerbester“ Zwetchgenkuchen mit oder ohne Streuseln obendrauf (Anke’s very best Prune Plum Cake with or without Streusels on top) – Anke Gräfe’s berühmter Kartoffelsalat – nee, „weltberühmter“ JAWOLL! (Anke Gräfe’s famous Potatoe Salad – no, „world famous“ YEP!)

img_3163.JPG img_3162.JPG

Anne Malten: Tom Yam Gung (Hot Vietnamese (?) Soup)

img_3172.JPG img_3173.JPG

Nina Holtmann: Schokoladenkuchenblitzrezept (Recipe for a Blitz Chocolate Cake)

img_3166.JPG img_3167.JPG

Karen Hammond: American Macaroni and Cheese – Spicy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

img_3164.JPG img_3165.JPG

Marius Fratiou, Max Pfaus und Christoph Brötz: Das Alternative Rezept (the alternative recipe)

img_3174.JPG img_3175.JPG

Eva Kroboth: Karottenkuchen (Carrot Cake)

img_3168.JPG img_3169.JPG

Brenda Roggeveen: The-Cookies-formerly-known-as-Ginger Snaps aka RebeccaMiriamFavorites – Lemon-Glazed Butter Cake with Hot Rhubarb Sauce

img_3170.JPG img_3171.JPG

Augustin Schuster: Schweinefilet in Bier-Rahm-Sauce (Pork Tenderloin in Beer-Cream-Sauce) – Anishuhn mit Kartoffeln (Anis Chicken with Potatoes)

img_3194.JPG img_3195.JPG

Brenda Worth: Turkey Burgers – Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

img_3176.JPG img_3177.JPG

Mary Schuman: Rice Krispies Treats – Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins – Pigs in Blankets (Würstel im Schlafrock) – Spinach Lasagna

img_3178.JPG img_3179.JPG

Anne Weiß: Fränkische Gans mit Klößen (Frankonian Goose with Dumplings)

img_3196.JPG img_3197.JPG

Alex Friedrich: Halloween-Käse-Torte (Halloween Cheesecake)

img_3160.JPG img_3161.JPG

Shirley and Donald Sanders together with Nancy and Jim Caulfield: Baby Back Pork Ribs – Cole Slaw (Krautsalat) – Sausages with French Green Lentils (Linsen) – Skillet Cooked Potatoes and Cheese

img_3158.JPG img_3159.JPG

Andrea Albrecht: Lauchquiche mit Lachs (Leek Quiche with Salmon) – Zwei Arten einen Trifle zu machen (two ways to make a Trifle) (recipe available as file)

img_3192.JPG img_3193.JPG

Monia Strohmer: Baked Potatoes à la Queen of the Lazy – Lachs Buko Creme (Salmon and Buko Cream, Buko is a cream cheese)

img_3186.JPG img_3187.JPG

Rayissa Armata: Baked Blintzes with Blueberry Sauce

img_3184.JPG img_3185.JPG

Laura and Mike Hammond: Laura’s Pesto – Mike’s BBQ Ribs

img_3182.JPG img_3183.JPG

Antje Hübner: Zitronen-Wein-Crème (Lemon-Wine-cream) – Apfel (apple) Muffins (recipe available as file)

img_3180.JPG img_3181.JPG

After all authors sent back their pages and Dunia came over with a dozen different scissors, glue, a hungry son and a whole lot of creativity, the book was finally ready for binding. Well, lamination was ok so far. But HOW DO WE GET THIS FAT BOOK INTO A 1inch SPIRAL? After a few hysterical hours on the road between Staples, Kinkos, JoAnn’s, Michaels and again Kinkos, I decided to punch 3 holes through the pages and then Pfau’s Hardware had the right sized keyrings (if no one can help, Pfau’s can! But this is another story worth to be told…). The result was:


And the next day, Claudia’s breakfast took place. Everybody, well not everybody, but a big portion of it was there.

img_3220.JPG img_3217.JPG img_3221.JPG img_3228.JPG img_3229.JPG img-3226-thumb.jpg

After everybody had some coffee or something to eat, Claudia was presented our work of art.

img_3214.JPG img_3213.JPG img_3216.JPG

And then certainly a few tears were spilled…

img_3219.JPG img_3218.JPG 

Claudia opened the book and couldn’t believe what she saw.

img_3231.JPG img_3232.JPG img_3233.JPG

We hit the mark with our book. And even Jürgen said that we made his wife happy. So once again a big big THANK YOU to all on the team!