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For Mary and Matt

August 7th, 2007 Posted in Unser Haus

This chapter is the first one in English. I hope my mistakes will find forgiveness!

Mary and Matt are our lessors. I dedicate this chapter to them to let them have an impression what is going on in 19 Lexington Road, hoping they will see it live soon!

This is how the house looked when we first saw it:

The kitchen still needs some work…

imgp4142.JPG imgp4141.JPG imgp4135.JPG

Our first shopping tour ended in buying a sofa and having a nice little nap:


We immediately fell in love with the door knobs and the closets!

imgp4139.JPG imgp4138.JPG imgp4137.JPG imgp4342.JPG

The dining room and the living room, still empty and somewhat abandoned…

imgp4134.JPG imgp4133.JPG imgp4132.JPG imgp4131.JPG

And this is how your house looks now, still not totally finished, but on its way to that:

The dining room in different designs…

imgp4296.JPG imgp4297.JPG imgp4298.JPG imgp4299.JPG imgp4312.JPG imgp4314.JPG imgp4313.JPG

The living room, guess what my favourite colour is!?!

imgp4300.JPG imgp4301.JPG imgp4302.JPG imgp4308.JPG imgp4309.JPG imgp4310.JPG imgp4311.JPG

The sunny porch, not finished yet…


The Butlers room, very handy, we should have that in Europe too!


The kitchen STILL needs more work…

imgp4316.JPG imgp4317.JPG imgp4318.JPG

The Mud room, which earns its name as long as we keep running in and out…

imgp4319.JPG imgp4321.JPG imgp4320.JPG

And there is one room downstairs which is called the „no-idea-yet“-room. My books will find their home in here, the rest is not decided yet.

imgp4305.JPG imgp4307.JPG

The stairways which tought me the free fall allready *ouch*!

imgp4322.JPG imgp4323.JPG

First floor, the doors needed a bit of care. „Old English“ and a soft cloth did the work.

imgp4324.JPG imgp4337.JPG

First room to the left will be our guestroom. We hope to have many, many visitors!!!

imgp4328.JPG imgp4327.JPG imgp4326.JPG

First room to the right will be Augustin´s office as soon as he mastered the chaos.


Second left is Inken´s chaos to be mastered. Something in blue at last…

imgp4333.JPG imgp4334.JPG

The master bedroom:

imgp4335.JPG imgp4336.JPG

The bathroom, worth every Dollar you spent!

imgp4331.JPG imgp4330.JPG imgp4329.JPG 

And some images of the yard and the surroundings:

imgp4249.JPG imgp4236.JPG imgp4250.JPG imgp4166.JPG

Augustin doing his favourite work…

imgp4261.JPG imgp4263.JPG

That is it for the moment! Come and see yourself soon!


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